Tim and Paul
The Strategy Sessions 
What's working, Why it's Working and How Most Businesses Are Getting it Wrong
Ignorance - and why you need it.
We work with people in businesses that want to grow quickly, whether that is start ups, scale ups to people looking to exit.  If you like to find out what that might look like hit the button and lets have a chat.
Strategy v Tactics
You have to EARN people's attention
The BIGGEST mistake people make
Stop marketing
Why social media is (and isn't) rubbish
Word of mouth is not dead
You are paying because you are lazy
You are selling the wrong thing.
You need a wishlist. 
Communities are the classroom of your industry
Gone Fishing
Do one thing well (Live Session) 
What's in your toolbox
The Outtakes 
About Paul and Tim
We work with high growth companies, start ups, scale ups or people who are looking to exit. It's about giving you a clear road map and the right tools to get you where you want to go.
Tim Elliott
Tim is an enabler of human first, marketing, strategy, customer journey design and ideation, inspiring people and businesses to not settle for marketing that is any less than remarkableand achieves their goals.

Tim has over 20 years’ experience as a marketer, throughout which time he has worked with a wide variety of brands and businesses from premier league football clubs, a variety of FMCG brands, non-profits, start-ups, professional services organisations and pub companies.

Self employed since 2010, Tim is a​ ​strategic specialist and customer journey design enthusiast, Tim champions marketing which focuses on the main value of: "People buy people". 

​Tim ​thrives working with high growth companies​ ​and his type of thinking got Tim to where he is today; doing what he loves every day as ‘work’.  

Look no further than Tim

"Tim has been a real mentor for me with my new company, FloorFindr. Working alongside Tim has been a fantastic experience. There isn't a lot that he doesn't know when it comes to marketing as it's clear how much effort he puts into his work. Tim is both passionate and focussed on all aspects of marketing for business and in terms of communication, I couldn't ask for someone who is more available and willing to help than he has been. Our business and I personally as an entrepreneur, has been a massively benefited from working with Tim

For anyone who is looking for help with marketing, business growth , or a mentor , look no further than Tim."
Daniel Hadden - CEO Floorfindr
Paul Chapman
Paul is a Marketing Strategist, Best Selling Author,  International Speaker and the Founder Of Marketing Jumpleads.

Known for his creativity in delivering ideas and strategies that work - but most people never think of, Paul has a track record of helping businesses grow and move forward to deliver the true task of any business - work as a tool deliver a lifestyle for the people who own it.

Having spent years running and growing business for others, including some of the UK's top Entrepreneurs  Paul set up his first business in 2012.

The clouds have cleared

"Yesterday I sat down with Paul and within two hours he had given me an unbelievably clear idea of what I needed to do. This was not some one-plan-fits-all approach: Paul paid great attention to my business, saw immediately what was relevant (and what was not) and drew up a precise and achievable marketing strategy. For eight years I had been walking under a cloud of marketing confusion. Two hours with Paul, and the sun is finally shining.” Rob Glass MD Coracle FIlms
If you've got this far then we should probably chat...  Whether you are a start up looking to"get the peddle down" a scale up looking for step change growth or you are looking for an exit plan - growing a business quickly isn't difficult it is simply about doing the right things.  But working out what the right things are  - well that is the tough bit.

Thats where we come in, 

Han had Chewy,
Torville had Dean
Your Car has SatNat

You've got us

A proper plan - from real experience and hands on accountability to make sure it happens.